APEDA-RCMC Registration

APEDA stands for Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Developmental Authority(APEDA) is a government entity established in 1985 through an act for development and promotion of export of scheduled products. It provides the financial assistance , information , guidelines towards the development of products. The products specified under the APEDA ACT are called schedule products and exporters of such scheduled products are required register under APEDA.

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    The applicant should submit the application form within 1 month from the date of undertaking the business. If exporter of the scheduled products fails to register within that time limit due to sufficient cause , only authority can extend that date. Once the application process is completed , the authority will issue Registration-Cum-Membership-Certificate(RCMC)


    1. Completely signed Application Form.
    2. Copy of Import Export Code issued By D.G..F.T
    3. Bank certificate signed by the authorities.
    4. Bank account statement of the firm of the bank account of the firm for latest two months.
    5. Cancelled cheque

    Benefits of APEDA-RCMC Registration

      1. Registered members can participate in training programmes by APEDA and improve their businesses
      2. Exporters can avail various financial assistance programs of APEDA
      3. It is beneficial to the exporters in creating brand awareness through advertisement , surveys , packaging development , etc.
      4. APEDA registration also saves exporters from various legal penalties as their products are authorized under APEDA act.

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