Company Audits

Typically, a statutory company audit involves the process of auditing an entity’s books of accounts to provide reasonable assurance that the financial records are true, fair, and are prepared by the applicable reporting framework. Irrespective of the size of the company, we micro analyze every company audit evidence collected and conduct company audit with careful planning, experience, and professional competence.

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    Documents Required For Company Audit

    Reports on the Payroll

    List of All the Bank Accounts Used

    List and Evidence of all the Transactions

    The General Ledger

    Trial Balance of the Company

    Copies of all legal documents



    Loan Documents

    Why is Company Audit needed?

    1. Helps in Executing the business’s objectives.
    2. Acquiring strong financial declaration on the business operation.
    3. Helps in Taking cautionary measures against fraud or misuse of the company’s assets.
    4. Reducing the company’s cost of capital.

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