Foreign Subsidiary

There are numerous applications that have to be filled for a foreign subsidiary to be registered. This can be quite time-consuming. However, the associates of our firm make the work look like a cakewalk. We have collated information on the forms that have to be filled, and the documents required from your side. Thus, everything seamlessly takes places while you just have to sit back and relax.

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    Documents required for Foreign Subsidiary

    Digital Signature Certificate

    Reserve Unique Name

    Application for Incorporation of Company along with Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company

    ROC fees and Stamp duty is required to be paid online

    Certificate of Incorporation (COI)

    PAN & TAN of the company

    Mobile No., E-mail I.D, Place of Birth, Educational Qualification and occupation of Proposed Directors/subscribers/nominee shareholder.

    Self-attested copy of aadhaar card

    Self-attested copy of passport

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