A partnership firm refers to a business which is owned by two or more people jointly. In order to register a partnership firm, much legality is to be followed. Registration of partnership firms is based on the discretion of the Registrar. Only when they are satisfied with all the documents will the concerned person approve the firm’s registration. Thus, it is vital to enlist a professional’s help before submitting the required documents to ensure that nothing goes wrong while drafting and submission process. Whether it is notarizing, drafting, or amendment, we take care of the entire process front to end. 

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    Partnership Deed signed by all partners

    PAN card of the partners

    Address proof of the partners

    PAN card of the firm

    Address proof of the firm

    Why to have it?

      • The right to file a suit in any court against the firm or other partners for enforcement of any rights arising from the partnership act or any contract.
      • A right arising from any contract cannot be enforced in any court by the firm.
      • The firm or any of its partners cannot claim any set-offs or other proceedings in a dispute arising with a third party.

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